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Tag: poetry

Bokononism, A Practical Guide: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.- Quote Collection

One of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s classic novels, Cat’s Cradle is a rich narrative full of offshoots and side stories. Just a fraction of the book’s lore is concerned with Bokononism, a religion created by Vonnegut’s character Lionel ‘Bokonon’ Johnson…

Congratulations – Poem

You’ve won the lottery! What are the chances of birth? One in a million- you are alive.  Enjoy the stinging pain of loneliness. Feed upon your crippling self-doubt, confronted by questions you can never answer. Cherish the growing aches of your imperfect form. Drink in the stench of needless death as it surrounds you. And revel in your unending suffering and depression. For you are alive.

Carrion – Poem

Its small form gradually gets bigger as it swoops lower and lower, approaching its target. The trees scarcely decorating the parking lot cut off line of sight as the ground approaches rapidly. Landed perched on the open lid like an ornate flag topper. Its eight-foot wingspan allowing it to lord over the large dumpster with peeling blue paint and regulations stuck to every side. …