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Tag: fiction

Fate’s Game – Short Story

A tawny colored hand, slim and poised, reaches out and tugs a slim red tie down into a firmer knot.

“Mom!” Ryan coughs and reaches up to where his starched, white collar is flared up, touching his chin…

Present – Short Story

A dark shape moved with the heavy sheets of rain. I counted the vague swirls marching down the sidewalk, reveling in the flood. The huge oak trees across from our building sat in pools, completely immersed to their roots. The shadows paraded down west 142nd street in a show of force against Manhattan…

Drop Out – Short Story

It’s late in the afternoon as Clark types furiously on his laptop, air conditioner blasting loudly in the background trying to battle the hot and humid Florida fall. The old house groans occasionally with its age, and the cat hits the creaky spots on every stair on his way down, but Clark’s family has lived here since he was born, and he’s long considered it home. He’s been working on the next essay for his Monday class for a few hours now, and his shoulder’s droop lower as the minutes… Read more Drop Out – Short Story